Expert Roofing Services

Lute Roofing offers expert roofing services for residential and commercial projects. We go through great lengths to make sure that every roof is done right, using the highest quality materials available. We strive to make the name Lute Roofing synonymous with quality. As a result, Lute roofing has grown to provide expert roofing services to all of Ohio, West Virginia, and Indiana.

We use EagleView aerial measurement service for an accurate estimate. EagleView provides reports with calculated roof length, pitch, and additional features on residential and commercial properties. Also, the report includes a summary page with waste calculations.

Experts in Storm Damage Repair & Insurance Claims

Storm Damaged Roof
Residential Roof

Residential Roofing

Lute Roofing specializes in residential roofing. As a result of the high standards we hold for all Lute Roofing professionals, we can offer a superior roof at a cost-effective price. We also handle roof repairs for insurance claims. It’s important to have an expert when it comes to roof repair. Because of the risks to safety alone, we handle roof repairs in a specific manner with great attention to detail. But also, aside from safety, other factors can be a concern when repairing a damaged roof, such as proper weather sealing and/or insulating. Don’t take any chances when it comes to roof over your head. Call the roofing experts at Lute Roofing, and get the job done right.


Signs of a Compromised Roof

Shingle Bruising

One of the obvious signs of roof damage to look for is called “bruising” on shingles. This is when an asphalt shings has received damage, causing loss of granules. As a result, you may see a dark spot where the asphalt underlayment has been exposed. This can often happen as a result of heavy hail. The granules on asphalt shingles exist to protect the shingle from sunlight and weather. As a result, the loss of a large amount of granules dramatically reduces the remaining life of a roof.

Shingle Curling and Cupping

Shingles that are curling upwards, or cupping, are another obvious sign of roof damage. This can be the result of a variety of issues. Some examples are poor attic ventilation or improper underlayment, poor quality shingles, and simply old age. If you see any curling or cupping of shingles, this is a good sign that you are in need of a roof repair. Sometimes, if only one area of the roof shows such symptoms, the enitre roof may not need replaced. However, the causes of such symptoms could also have already caused enough damage necessitating a roof replacement.